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Sd light on HP laptop blinking

Your laptop wont start and the screen is black.

If the laptop still is not starting up drain the battery by leaving it on and then charge it and restart it. If this does not resolve your issue then with your device off, press the power button. Then, press the ESC key on your the keyboard, press F10. This should take you to your devices BIOS and Restore Menu. You can reinstall Windows and get your PC working again from this screen.

If the machine does not turn on or display anything, it is possible the battery has no charge. If that is the case, plugging in the charger will cause the machine to perform normally. Then give the battery time to charge up. You will be able to tell that it is charging by the blinking light next to the charge port.

If your battery struggled to hold a charge prior to now and will not start without the power cable, try another power cable. If the issue persists, you have a faulty battery. You will need to replace the battery, you can buy one from an online retailer. Then follow this replacement guide.

The HP Stream 11 is not able to save any files.

If you cannot save or move any files around, your storage most likely full. Delete unwanted apps and make sure that you empty the recycle bin. If deleting files is not an option, move files and documents to an external drive and remove them from your laptop. Alternatively a micro SD card can be inserted to expand storage space.

If the HP Stream is running slow or frequent crashes especially while starting the computer, along with frequent error messages while moving files, your hard drive is going bad. You can remove the hard drive and replace it with a 32 gb emmc solid state memory card. Use this guide to replace the battery.

When you try to access a website, you receive an error message or cannot connect.

If you are not sure if its your laptop or your WiFi then take the HP Stream to a Router/Modem and plug it in via Ethernet cable. This is to ensure that its not your Internet provider causing the issue. If your Internet works via Ethernet cable then remove the Ethernet cable and open up your WiFi settings.

If you have entered the correct password to connect to the router and the HP stream is still not connecting then it is possible that the DNS settings need to be flushed. The DNS settings can be flushed by opening the command line and typing ipconfig /flushdns (without the quotes) and hit enter. This clears the internet protocol and allows the system to collect the correct network info.

If the pc is not connecting to the internet, other devices will connect to the router, and the DNS settings have been flushed, your WiFi hardware is most likely fried. You will need to replace your WiFi adapter. An external adaptor that uses a usb connection is a good workaround if you do not want/can not replace the motherboard.

Your laptop screen is frozen and you cannot navigate to another page.

If the computer screen wont show changes regardless and this is followed by a blue screen with white text or a black screen, its possible the computer has crashed. Hold down the power button until the screen goes blank, and then restart the computer. If the issue persist reinstall the operating system.

If your computer screen stops responding and you are running more than two programs, you may be running too many programs and overloading the processor. To fix this, wait for the machine to unfreeze press Ctrl + Alt + Delete and then open up the task manager. End any tasks that are not responsive or taking up too much CPU or Memory.

Your laptop is hot and running slow.

If you have too many applications open at once, it can not only slow your computer down, but it will also overheat the laptop. Try not to do more than two tasks at the same time. If something is not responding, push Ctrl + Alt + Delete at the same time and go to task manager then end the task that is taking up too much CPU or Memory.

If you have your HP stream on an uneven surface it can cause overheating, it is recommended to always place the laptop on a flat hard surface to allow cooler air to enter via the small vents on the bottom. If your laptop is still overheating another option to cool it is buying a cooling mat.

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